Scent Scape Camille Moens 1


crack!  this is what I heard when I was walking in the street a year ago.  looking down at the pieces of broken glass,  I was reminded of the poetry and beauty of objects we see but not really notice.

from that moment on,  i started looking very up close at the pavement.  having been quite literally with my nose on the floor,  i got intrigued by the sensory aspect of my project.  the different smells,  the different kinds of textures, naturally opposed next to each other,  for example the elasticity of an artificial pink chewing gum with a shoe imprint on a hard and cold grey street tile,  an empty metal can with super sharp corners, that still smells a little bit like red bull…

that gave me the idea to develop a series of objects,  that are impressions, inspired by some of these situations I had found.  i wanted to capture these ever-changing moments and scenes.

i thought back to the moment of the cracking of the glass under my foot and loved the idea of using glass as a medium to develop these pieces.

i used these different scenes as moulds and imprints for my glass bulbs.

SCENT-SCAPE is my way of bringing the poetic experience of an objet trouvé back to us,  captured in glass.  it leaves an intriguing and imaginative impression about the essence of the street,  the objects open a sensory landscape that reminds us of its beauty and depth.