Mind Ambience Camille Moens 1


as long as i can remember,  i associate numbers with specific colours…  two totally different senses,  randomly linking,  also called synesthesia.  this made me realize how our senses influence each other and how they,  together,  can create a feeling or atmosphere.  it was the start of my concept to design a sculptural piece that helps us free and reframe our state of mind,  to find inspiration again in our thoughts.

the search for a casual and uncompelled space evolved into the idea of an opened cocoon,  where you can sit,  lie and escape form daily live for a moment.  my floor-and-mural piece created in textile,  are combining the tactual and the visual sense.  the variety of shaped colour fields are positioned next to each other,  changing in moods and creating whole new feelings.  the symbiosis and juxtaposition between the colours evoke an inspiring landscape that ideally elevates our state of mind.

the atmosphere of the piece is built from two perspectives,  the earthly and the ethereal.  the earthly is a sculptural floor piece that symbolizes the physical being.  You can lay down,  feel the texture and experience the colours.  the ethereal is a visual mural and symbolizes our mental being.  Our thoughts and dreams floating in the air.

MIND-AMBIENCE is a collaboration of senses creating an atmosphere that relaxes,  distracts,  motivates and inspires us.  it is a canvas for our imagination.  to breathe and be.  to let our spirit wander and let our senses guide us.